Reprieve — Douglas Hawley


It started in January of 1990, but the exact date is unknown.  George Bush was the US president.  The Soviet Union was disintegrating and its satellite states were going their own way.  African American politicians experienced mixed success – David Dinkins was elected mayor of New York City and Marion … Read More

I Can’t Breathe — Stephanie Rivera


The justice system works as it’s supposed to When it’s supposed to work against you Engineered around your demise Orchestrated to tune you out You’re holding your breath just until the noxious air clears Waiting out the hate, covering your eyes and ears Just until you can exist unperturbed Prefer … Read More

Why I am a Skeptical Socialist — Steven Mendel


The strongest argument for socialism is capitalism. Let me explain. Capitalism proclaims its belief in the rights of the individual. In the political realm, an often-cited example is the right of one person, one vote, and in the economic sphere there is the stated belief of equal opportunity for all. … Read More