Poetry by Brent Sunderland


From the Opposition of In to Out   As confession from one losing being To one life bleeding     to tentatively Teasing the keys first the black And then the white Lift your cheek released From the deathbed a music Defined by lip retreating from lip your      position Relates itself To … Read More

Where From, Two Bit, and Retreat: Three Poems by S.A. Gerber


Where From   Where from does the light originate when you cannot depend on the sun? Misshapen noses to broken grindstones, slender shoulders to overbearing wheels. Battling an up-hill war, swimming upstream, a fait accopli, over before the beginning… before the beginning and after the end. Whist-full wanders pilgamige in … Read More

Wordies! — by Damon Norko


“Social Service calling!” announced the land line, punctuated by a shrill tone. Jane stared at her husband, Eric, seated on the couch beside her. Eric picked up the controller. “Don’t answer!” Jane said.  “They want Nana!” “They said we could keep her . . .” grumbled Eric. “As long as … Read More