HitchBOT: The Interview by Kathryn Michael McMahon

News from the Future 2

FUTURE NEWS! HITCHBOT SENTIENT.  SPEAKS OUT. October 2015     HitchBOT, the little robot that charmed its way across Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, was vandalized in Philadelphia on August 1, 2015, 300 miles into its American journey to California. No one saw it coming, but HitchBot, a scientific experiment … Read More

Antarctica’s Unbearable Necessities — Kathryn Michael McMahon

News from the Future

Monday, February 16, 2048 UrsoWatch is under fire from conservationists after footage was leaked of a polar bear hunt administered by their eco-adventure tour. UrsoWatch was responsible for the 2031 capture and release of Manitoba polar bears in Antarctica after the melting of the Arctic Circle and rising sea levels … Read More

July — Jeff Costello

road notes 2

DENVER- LAS VEGAS I’d been to Reno and found it thoroughly unpleasant, what my friend Dave would call a “real dump.”  And, my old buddy Bob ended his life of substance abuse problems by overdosing there. He was a talented musician with an equally if not more talented rich & … Read More