Eric Garner’s Murder: A Turning Point? — Steven Mendel


…something different is happening   When Bill O’Reilly, George W. Bush and the New York Daily News are all critical of the grand jury for not indicting a white cop for strangulating to death an unarmed black man, something different is happening. Can this signal a change in the racist … Read More

Drone Hunting in Utopia — Todd Tavolazzi

drone title 1

I sipped piping hot coffee from my thermos and watched the sky over the eastern horizon evolve from deep blue to a soft pale blue in advance of the sun’s arrival. It wasn’t too cold yet this year. It was nearly December but the morning was still a comfortable forty … Read More

Are We On Track? — J M Strasser

are we on track

Life seems rare. Life seems rare. Earth may be the only planet in our solar system to have life. It may have started elsewhere, like Mars, and transferred here. Regardless, from a practical standpoint we are now alone in this solar system. The rest of the galaxy should have the … Read More

Hate Culture and the War on Drugs — David Renton

hate culture

In the wake of the events in Ferguson, Missouri, I wanted to take a look at how hate culture is affecting America today, why so many law enforcement officials appear to be despicably racist, and why nothing is getting any better.  My questions led me to take a look at … Read More