News from the Future: Cyborg Cockroaches Unveiled

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OCTOBER 2016! CYBORG COCKROACHES ON THE WAY PROTESTORS BAFFLED by David Renton   Calamity ensued at this afternoon’s official unveiling of Hong Liang’s Emergency Insect Response Drones.  The research team from Texas A&M University held a press conference for the ribbon cutting ceremony of their cybernetically-enhanced cockroaches, designed to be … Read More

Absurdians of the Madhouse — Kevin Munley

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Neo-Chicago doesn’t have a mental health problem. It has a robot problem. The robots that were programmed to protect the citizens from their depression, mania, and psychosis- the cancers of our modern technological world. The emotional tumors growing internally since we retired and left our work to the accountant-bots, teacher-bots … Read More