July — Jeff Costello

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There are no vegetables in Wyoming, although we can hope that Dick Cheney will soon achieve such a state.  In the west (to the east from the Pacific coast), the old joke goes “way out west, where the women are scarce, men are men and the sheep are scared.”  Barbecued … Read More

The New Social Trust: A Moderate’s Proposal — by Trevor D. Richardson

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WARNING: DO NOT USE WHILE SLEEPING.   A man walked into a church meeting and shot nine people.  Then same-sex marriage was legalized and a church pastor sets himself on fire in protest.  The debate about gun control, like the debate about gay rights, like the debate about everything there … Read More

Leaked Supreme Court Memos: Same-Sex Marriage — Arthur Brand

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NEWS FROM THE FUTURE! May 11, 2019 Arthur Brand Reporting Following a massive leak of inter-office memos and emails from the Supreme Court, a lot of fascinating information was brought to light concerning the Same-Sex Marriage issue, a major talking point in the early part of this century which came … Read More