The Year is 2113.

Civilization has been split between reason and the animal men of the Dry. A techno-plague, developed from a mutated genetic modification fad, went viral, using the WIFI, cell phones, and even radio waves to spread and turn human beings into hybrid beasts. The survivors live to collect relics of information from the past and rebuild for the future. In the wastes, there is no room for ideology, there is only the science of the rebuilders and the primal worship of the Apocalypse -- the Last God.

The Subtopian presents an experiment in collaborative writing. With little to go on and almost no prompt, twenty-five authors teamed up anonymously to offer their concepts of future history and how society fell. As themes began to show through, a story took shape entirely on its own and it became this book. This is not an anthology or a collection, it is a novel with more than two dozen authors, a cohesive narrative about the people, places, and strife that led to the fall of the world as we know it. This is 2113, An Oral History of the Last God. The story of our Apocalypse.